The Digital Academy Internship was brought to life in early 2018 by some of the finest tech companies in Denmark. It is a unique internship program where the interns are assigned a position within one of the companys which specifically suits the intern's motivation, interests and competencies.

We're determined to give our Interns a learning experience of a lifetime with a steep learning curve and help kick-start their professional careers.

Lead Supply is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Denmark, founded in 2014. We are currently 12 passionate and digital minded employees – and we are rapidly growing in numbers and markets!

We operate in the financial sector across multiple markets, helping millions of consumers compare loans through brands like Matchbanker. At the moment, we are active in 13 countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Poland, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, but we are continuously growing and adding new countries to our portfolio.

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BoligPortal is Denmark’s leading matchmaker in the market of rental housing; we are bringing tenants and landlords together online. We are constantly striving to improve and expand our business with new products, a disruptive approach to the market and expanding internationally.

In all teams, you will work with own assignments and responsibilities in close collaboration with the rest of the team.

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North Media A/S is the big muscle behind the scenes and has many years of experience with driving and scaling successful business'. North Media A/S is the only listed media group in Denmark. Both Lead Supply (50%) and BoligPortal are a part of North Media A/S’ Online division, North Media Online. Since the establishment of North Media in 1965, its corporate mission has been to communicate advertisements and information to consumers.

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As an intern you will be part of a professional and innovative environment, in either Lead Supply or BoligPortal, with about 75 colleagues. Here are a few fun facts about us!
12+ different nationalities

12+ different nationalities

85% likes playing ping-pong

85% likes playing ping-pong

61% are women

61% are women

69% uses an Apple computer

69% uses an Apple computer

We're soon live in 13 different markets! You'll get the opportunity to get to know and work with people from many different cultures at our office in Aarhus.
We always have open positions - both student and full-time.

For further information about the program please reach out to the Digital Academy Internship Project Team at [email protected]

Want to write a case in collaboration with us?

We’re open to collaborate with students, so please send us your project/thesis proposal and we’ll get back to you asap.

Want us to talk about what we love?

We love to give a presentation on e.g. data management, Facebook Ads, Analytics etc. so feel free to contact us with a request.